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Lissi and the Wild Emperor

Lissi and Emperor Franz – a lovely couple in a marvelous world: a world of harmony, balance, unison and accord. Everything is outright perfect – enough money to blow and plenty of chocolate truffles to play golf with. And, for sure, there is a little ruling to do and ample promenading to enjoy.
Yet all of a sudden dark clouds overshadow the ever-clear sky above Schöngrün Castle: Empress Lissi has been abducted! Franzl, the bold emperor, accompanied by his field marshal and his mother, instantly sets out to track down the kidnapper and his victim. While being completely in the dark at the outset of their chase, they soon stumble across fragments of a message that Lissi managed to drop secretly and the contents of which, at least the parts that can be reconstructed, leave Franz completely shell-shocked!
But instead of abandoning his search, the emperor lives up to his true character: wild! This is the beginning of a chase that even crosses national borders, leads them deep into the realm of the state of Bavaria and that culminates in a full-blown, all-action showdown: the grande finale of “Lissi and the Wild Emperor”

Movie Details

  • Original title | Lissi und der wilde Kaiser
  • Director | Michael Bully Herbig
  • Production | herbX film