History of the Company

  • 2001
  • In 2001, “bullyparade” is again nominated for the German Film Award. Season 5, again broadcast by ProSieben, turns out to be just as successful as its predecessor.
  • July 19 is opening day for “Manitou’s Shoe”. A true sensation: as early as day one, the comedy film breaks all records, registering a total of 250,000 cinemagoers. After the first weekend, total admissions had risen to 2.5 million. In total, 11.7 million people are drawn to the cinemas to see Michael Bully Herbig’s western spoof, and the blockbuster becomes the most successful German cinema film of all times. In Austria, the film even beats “Titanic”, which had so far been the world’s most successful motion picture.
  • 2002
  • “bullyparade” sees its third nomination for the Golden Rose of Montreux while season 6, the last season of “bullyparade” is aired. Bully holds a 13-week vote among the comedy show’s audience, allowing them to pick the theme for his next feature film. The show’s fans vote for “Dreamship Surprise”.
  • “Manitou’s Shoe” receives numerous awards, including three German Film Awards.
  • Due to the movie’s extraordinary popularity, German cinemas see a re-release of the western comedy including a new prologue dedicated to the new version. Fans of the movie are thrilled to be presented with „Manitou’s Shoe – Extra Large”.