Manitou´s Shoe

The Wild West, sometime during the 18th century, somewhere in the middle of Shoshone territory: the Indians dig up the hatchet! Blood brothers Abahachi, chief of the Apaches (Michael Bully Herbig), and Ranger, a Southerner (Christian Tramitz), wrongly accused of killing the Shoshone chief’s son and stealing the gold of the Shoshones, have escaped from their captors’ stake. This means war! Yet the Shoshones do not know that their tribe’s alleged ...

Bully sucht die starken Männer

In a show broadcast by ProSieben, a German TV network, Bully searches for six compelling actors for the cast of his big-screen adventure “Vicky the Viking”. Thousands of wannabe Vikings responded to Bully’s movie audition call and came to the pre-casting events held in the German cities of Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin. Candidates who succeed in convincing the judges on the panel are allowed to demonstrate their abilities to ...

Bully & Rick

A one-of-a-kind comedy format: comedians Michael Bully Herbig and Rick Kavanian play all of the show’s characters, assuming a total of more than 200 roles for the outstanding, attention-to-detail TV series – a huge challenge for both make-up artists and costume designers as well as the show’s (not just actor but also) director Michael Bully Herbig.


The cult comedy show was first broadcast in 1997 on ProSieben, a German TV network. The sketch comedy format starring Michael Bully Herbig, Rick Kavanian und Christian Tramitz stands out for its gag and anarchy-laden scenes. Three box-office blockbusters originated from the “bullyparade”: “Manitou’s Shoe”, “Dreamship Surprise – Period 1” and “Lissi and the Wild Emperor”.
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