History of the Company

  • 1996
  • Michael Bully Herbig founds herbX medienproduktion gmbh for the development and production of entertainment programs.
  • 1997
  • On May 24, the first of six seasons (with 13 shows each) of the TV comedy show “bullyparade” is first broadcast on ProSieben, a German TV network.
  • The comedy short film “Easy Bully” is nominated for the Golden Rose of Montreux.
  • The radio show “Bullys Late Light Show” goes on air on the Radio Energy Network.
  • 1998
  • Kick-off for herbX tonstudios. The studio quickly establishes itself as the point of contact for radio commercials and radio productions.
  • “bullyparade” receives its first nomination for the Golden Rose of Montreux.
 Simultaneously, with the start of season 2, “bullyparade” goes into the next round.